My puppy cant hold his head up. He hasn't been eating much and he can barely keep his head up. I've checked his spine and all's well but he doesn't make a sound. He looks drunk sometimes. Any suggestions?


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You should call the veterinarian or emergency clinic. That could be so many things including a spinal issue as I'm not sure how you managed to check and diagnose it as all considering much more than a physical exam is often needed and quite often a vet that specializes in orthopedics or even an MRI for things that aren't read on an x-ray. I'm just not sure how it can be a common thing that can't be/isn't read by many vets on the x-ray when barely there if it's not one of their main areas of expertise but you could check at home so is something to keep in mind.
Could also be poisoning, hypoglycemic episode, blockage and other things. Clearly your puppy is not in good shape at all and should see a vet asap. I wouldn't wait if your puppy can not hold their head up and may mean they need a vet in the more immediate future. Hope your baby is feeling better soon.
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May need to get your Vet to check him as it sounds like he eaten some pills of some sort and not its taken effect but make sure he drinks lots but do get him to Vet to be safe

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