My Dog's Eyes Tend To Shake Every Now And Then. What Causes That ?


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What you might be seeing is called nystagmus.  This is a movement of the eyes that mimics a typewriter.  The eyes move either side to side or up and down--there is a fast phase to this movement and a slow phase.  There are several cranial nerves (nerves that do many functions in the head/neck) and a central brainstem region that afftect the eyes and if injured can cause nystagmus.  The most common is problems with the vestibular system.  This system controls balance and can become damaged with middle/inner ear disease, idiopathic (unknown cause) vestibular disease also called old dog vestibular disease, or tumor.
Your veterinarian will help you determine the cause and if it is a concern.  Monitor your dog for any other neurological abnormalities. 
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The eye shaking is not related with seizer. If the pupils of your dog's eye become large and are nor responsive, then this can be the symptoms of seizer. For more details, visit, Dog seizer.

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