My Puppy Won't Eat But My Husband Gave It Regular Milk Mixed With Its Food And It Started Eating It. Is It Ok To Give It Skim Milk?


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Although it's skim milk, the problem with giving milk to dogs is the lactose. Basically from the time of weaning pups become lactose intolerant, which can cause gastro-intestinal upsets.
If you try adding some warm water to the food, it'll not only soften it up a bit, but it'll always release some of the flavour and smell in the food to make it more appetising.
If that doesn't work, contact your local pet shop or vet and see if you can get a low lactose milk replacer like Vete-lac which is a safer alternative to giving cow's milk.

Hope that helps :-)
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he is better your answer was good but my mouse wasn't working right so it said bad sorry
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See the vet, the puppy could be sick.

And no, the lactose in milk isn't good for puppies. If you have to add something try a low salt chicken or beef broth.
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Hope your puppy is doing better. I would frown upon given a puppy processed milk. Check your vet.

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