After A Bee Or Wasp Sting, Is There A Cyst-like Bump Left Under The Skin?


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A cyst is basically any form closed sac full of either air or fluid.

It is entirely possible that one will form after a bee or wasp sting - although you should seek medical attention if your symptoms persist, or if you feel an unusually high level of discomfort.

Does a bee or wasp sting cause cysts? The bites or stings of different types of wasps and bees vary somewhat, but any perforation in the skin caused by an insect bite might cause a raised bump or cyst.

There are two types of 'lumps' often associated with bee/wasp sting, which are:

  • weals (fluid-filled, round areas that form around the bite)
  • bullae (raised, fluid-filled blisters)
Both of these should disappear within a couple of days at the most, so if they don't seem to be subsiding after a week or so, I'd recommend getting in touch with a doctor or health care professional.

Bee and wasp stings cause bumps When a bee stings you, there is one main thing you can do to help prevent a nasty bump, or further symptoms occurring.

When a bee stings, its stinger may remain embedded in your skin. It's important to try and 'flick' the stinger out delicately (perhaps with a bank card).

If you try to pluck the stinger out with your fingers, you will probably end up squeezing all the venom contained in the stinger straight into your body.
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Yes, a cyst like bump can appear if the bee or wasp sting organ remains inside your skin.

You have to consult a skin specialist for medication.
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Just a small white dot in the middle of the swelling and redness.

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