What Causes Loose Stools In Puppies?


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Soft stools in dogs are also called diarrhea because diarrhea can be watery, bloody, mucous containing, soft, runny and frequent stools. Diarrhea in dogs can be due to many reasons. These can be

   1. Food allergy  
   2. Eating garbage  
   3. Changes in diet  
   4. Stress
   5. Anxiety
   6. Bacterial, viral, fungal  and parasitic infection of gastrointestinal tract
   7. Lymphoma
   8. Cancer
   9. Medicine side effect

So, take your dog to vet and discus your dog problem. Treatment of diarrhea in dogs depends upon underlying cause. E.g. Diet related diarrhea is treated by diet and bacterial infections are treated by antibiotics.

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