I Have A 10 Weeks Old Rhodesian Ridgeback And Since Waking Today She Won't Eat Or Drink And Has Thrown Up Twice. Her Stools Are Normal Though. Should I Take To Vet Today, Wait To See If She Improves Or Something Else I Can Do At Home?


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Vomiting can indicate serious disease in puppies.  If this is an unvaccinated puppy parvo virus is possible--if untreated this can be a fatal condition.  Foreign body obstruction is also a big concern in puppies--they eat a number of things like clothes, rocks, toys, etc and these things become obstructed in the intestines.  Pancreatitis is a concern after a holiday.  If your dog ate any of Thanksgiving dinner this could be related and may have caused pancreatitis.
Other less serious causes are intestinal parasites or mild dietary indiscretion.
Either way puppies are very sensitive to dehydration, hypoglycemia, and hypothermia.  So even mild conditions can become serious fast.
It would be best to have your puppy examined by a veterinarian, especially if this is an unvaccinated puppy.
There is not much to do at home since your dog is vomiting.  Any medications you administer will not work as she will vomit them up.
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Take her to the vet. This happened with my puppy and it was parvo. If she is frothing at the mouth or seems sluggish it is most likely parvo, hurry though I nearly lost my dog from it!
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It could be a simple fix like, she ate something she shouldn't have to something very serious like parvo. With both of those though your chances of making her better are much higher if you take care of it sooner. Get her to the vet.

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