Can my 5-6 month old pit bull be pregnant?


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Most female dogs get their first heat around this age .  She will only be pregnant if she has been tied with a male dog .
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If they go into season they could become pregnant. Was she in season and could a male have gotten to her at any time? If something like that happened you would want to speak to your vet about the mismate shot and it's risks if soon enough and she was a possible candidate for a breeding program later or most often a spay and termination would be done. Continuing with a pregnancy while so immature physically, mentally and emotionally would not be good for her or any of the pups and could have long term consequences.
There is usually an additional fee to the spay in that case but doesn't cost anywhere near as much as providing proper and standard care to a pregnant female, rearing a litter and all the things that tend to come up during that time. You also don't have to worry about all the messes, stress, headaches, constant vigilance or risks of pregnancy and whelping anymore and she will be healthier and live longer.
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