What Is A Buzzard?


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A buzzard is a bird of prey belonging to the hawk family belonging to the genus Buteo. In North America, the Turkey vulture and the American Black Vulture are known as buzzards. Commonly known as hawks, the family of buzzard preys on insects, birds and small mammals. The plumage of the buzzard is mostly dark brown on the anterior portion and whitish brown below. A buzzard is noticeable when taking a flight, by its open and round tail, and broad wings. The ordinary European short winged hawk is also called as a buzzard.

A simple person is also referred to as a buzzard. An interesting thing about buzzard can be in reference to interpretation of dreams. Certain psychoanalysts and foretellers would like to believe that seeing a buzzard in one's dream can imply an old scandal resurfacing back and causing you trouble.

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