How Does The Cape Mountain Zebra Differ From The Burchell's Zebra?


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The Cape Mountain Zebra Equus zebra differs from the Burchell's Zebra is a number of small but significant ways, though to anyone other than an expert these appear to be subtle differences.    The differences displayed from the Burchell's Zebra Equus burchelli are that the Cape zebra have:  * narrower stripes on the head and body  * no shadow stripes between the black stripes  * black body stripes that do not run under the belly  * a dewlap  * larger ears  * and a grid pattern of stripes on the rump.    Their habitats differ too. The Cape Mountain Zebra inhabits the mountains of the Cape Province while the Burchell's Zebra is a native of the savanna.    Incidentally, the Hartmann's Mountain Zebra from Namibia is generally regarded as a separate sub-species, but there are no noticeable differences between the two mountain zebras.    The Cape Mountain Zebra is a grazer that must drink water every day. Populations are made up of small breeding groups consisting of a stallion with his mares and their young.

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