How Many Species Of Zebra Are There?


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The black and white four legged animal, a part of the horse family, is native to central and southern Africa. All gentle in nature, there are four species of zebra. The Plains Zebra, also known as the Common Zebra, are the most common zebra and are found throughout most parts of southern and central africa. Due to hunting, however, this species is lessening in numbers. The Cape Mountain Zebra, already classified as endangered, is found in the southern Cape region of South Africa. The Hartmann's Mountain Zebra, also classifed as endangered, prefer the arid and steep mountainous regions of Namibia and Angola. The Grevy's Zebra, the fourth species of Zebra and sometimes referred to as the Imperial Zebra, is the largest of all the zebra species and is found in the African countries Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. This species of zebra is also considered endangered. Along with the four species of zebra, there are also several subspecies.

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