How does a zebra protect itself?


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A zebra keeps safe from enemies using two main physical attributes: Their stamina and their powerful kick.

Although zebras can only reach speeds of around 35 mph, much less than some of their predators, such as leopards, they possess strength and stamina which enables them to run for long periods of time - much longer than the average predator.

This allows them to outrun predators.

If confronted with danger, a zebra can also deliver a powerful kick with its hind legs, just like a horse.

Aimed correctly, a zebra's kick is powerful enough to break a predator's jaw.

And Zebras definitely need these attributes. Their predators are among the fiercest animals on the planet, including lions, African hunting dogs, leopards and hyenas.

Even crocodiles attempt to have a bite at them when they venture close to water.

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