My Dog Has Shivering Spells, Will You Tell Me What It Is?


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  1. it means your dog is cold. Here's what I suggest:

  2. wrap your dog in a towel or a blanket

  3. put it near a warm fireplace

  4. put a heating pad and some warm blankets in your dogs bed

  5. keep it warm by putting a jacket or body suit on it

  6. take it to the vet if these things do not work

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He might be scared or in pain or maybe even cold...
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This happened to my dog when we gave her a haircut and the lady who cut her hair suggested to take an old t-shirt and put it on my dog to warm her up or you could just give her/him some love and give a good old fashion tummyrub
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My dog has a similar problem.  As he's gotten older he will sometimes have a "spell".  When this happens he will shiver and drool alittle.  When I pet him he is body rock hard. After about five minutes of petting him and soft talking he loosens up and calms down.  I was told this is similar to a panic attack in humans.  It seems like it is to me as well.  For now this "treatment" seems to be working.  BTW, my old Cocker Spaniel did something like this when he got older too.  I know it sounds too simple but it works for us.  Hope this helps.
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You would have to look at other signs as well as use your knowledge of your pup and their normal behavior and reactions to figure out possible causes. Shaking itself can be just about anything.
They can shake when they are nervous or anxious or stressed, ill or in pain, cold, happy, excited, feeling playful, all kinds of things. Some dogs even shake as a learned behavior and inadvertant training because they get fussed over and what they see as a positive reward for it like when they first get to the groomer and things like that and as soon as the person who is supposed to react positively to the behavior is gone they are their normal and happy selves. :-).
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Is it a smaller dog?? Most shiver for no reason at all. Than again, she could be cold or just nervous for some reason, hope she isn't ill!

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