My Miniature Schnauzer Is Suffering From Terrible Constipation. What Can I Do About This?


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It is important to know what you are feeding your dog, if it is titbits and treats containing complex starches, which can be in many foods that you don't think they are in, this can cause the dog to be constipated. Particularly if combined with meat cooked with fat. Since these two don't digest well together in the stomach, or provide roughage.
Is your dog drinking enough? Monitor his drinking bowl, which should be refreshed regularly during the day.
Many dog owners think that giving their dog a diet comprised of food they eat from the table, with high fat gravy, and bread etc, is preferable to give to the dog, when compared to dry specialised dog pellets. This could be because they have raised the dog on this unsuitable diet. This is not true, buy properly balanced dog food, not cheap brands, read the information on the packet, and ask your vet.
He may be old and have problems with his bowel.
If it persists you should see your vet.
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I have an old country vet and he suggested once about my own mini schnauzer to take about 4 or 5 paper matches and wet the heads with your saliva and insert them into the dog's anus. It's a trick used for show dogs, so if anything is in there it will happen in the kennel area rather than the show floor. Something about the chemical make-up of the match head induces bowel movement. It's important that if you try this to use paper, or cardboard, matches not the wooden ones as they may get lodged and worsen the problem. This along with a proper, balanced diet (no fat, complex starches, and limit proteins if the dog is older) should get your schnauzer moving right along.

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