What Do I Do If My Cat's Breasts Are Swollen?


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Infection of the gland could be a concern. Take to vet
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Did your cat have a litter of kittens , ever have a litter of kittens
Is your cat a older cat  all these are reasons they could look swollen

If it is something that is hurting your cat , take your cat to the vet

You really gave me not much to go on , so I hope this helps you Franco

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Well she had 4 baby cats and they were 3 moths old when we gave them in adoption they

were starting to hurt their mom's breasts with they're teeth so she kind of stop feeding

them but she still has milk in her breats and it looks like it hurts she just lays down and

cries I really feel sad for her I'm gonna take her to the hospital I was just wondering if theres a way to stop the swallowing

but thanks :3

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