How Does A Porcupine Defend Itself?


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The porcupine is no push over for a predator. It is a well built wee animal with well known defensive capabilities, but a much lesser known offensive strategy.

The main line of defence for a porcupine is its unmistakable coat of long black and white quills. These sharp tipped quills cover the porcupine's back and sides from shoulder to tail. Though flimsy in appearance, the quills are a strong barrier of razor sharp weapons of up to 30 centimetres in length. Running from the top of its head over the shoulders are a secondary crest of long pliable quills that grow up to 50 centimetres in length.

When annoyed or attacked by a predator, the porcupine's first instinct is to raise its quills in an impressive show of power. Any predator brave or foolish enough to persist with its unwanted attentions is in for an unpleasant and unexpected surprise. When the porcupine attacks, it does so by running backwards at its foe in the hope of embedding some of its quill in the body of its predator.
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The porcupine is a remarkable rodent with quills about a foot long and 1/4 inch in diameter. The quills alone are the porcupines greatest defense mechanism. The porcupine doesn't not attack other animals. But if it is attacked, watch Out! The quills alone will often deter a predator. Often unwary predators will be in agony once trying to attack a porcupine as the porcupine can imbed it's quills one inch into a predator's skin. And these quills leave the predator in a great deal of pain as they get embedded deeper into the skin. The only place a more clever predator can outwit a porcupine is by getting it on it's soft belly. Something which bobcats, cougars are known to do.
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It uses it's quills for protection. Any animal that touches them will get stuck with the quills which makes it hard for the animal to try to eat it or harm it.
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A porcupine defends itself with its quills. You definately would not want to get stuck with one of its quills
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A porcupine defends itself by using it's very sharp quilts on it's body
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I think it defends itself with its quills

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