Who Are The Predators Of The Peacock?


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Peacocks are so huge and are powerful flyer; they are less exposed to predators as compared to chickens or little fowls. But peacock when they are young might be victim to dogs, foxes, owls, weasels and hawks.
Free ranging healthy and alert peacock with high trees around are completely safe with one exception that is peahens. As peahens are nesting they are very much exposed to predator because they are not likely to leave their nest and still if they do it might be very late. Chicks are also very much exposed to these predators until they learn to fly but still they face some danger until they properly grow.

The peacocks which are in pen it's very essential to have predator proof pens. Peacocks who are locked with predators are in huge risk. Dogs are very good at digging so proof the pen in such a way that dogs can able to get in. For this try or think about burying the wire a foot in the ground in order to stop things tunnelling under it.

Ensure that the net is strong enough that it can let peacocks go out and other birds go in and also ensure that there is no other opening or large whole present in the wire or net through which a predator can pass through.
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YES! The largest predator in our area is the black bear....then there is the raccoon that attacks at night high up in the trees....then there is the bobcats who may work as a team....the fox is real sneaky all the time looking for peacocks....and the coyote is hungry all the time as well. The large owl likes little baby peacocks when they are learning how to roost in the tree with their mom. They must learn to be quick in their response to danger. The females sitting on their nest of eggs are most vulnerable because they are wanting babies sooo bad....then when they DO have babies....the chicks peep so loudly! Life, if you are a peacock, is not that easy!
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I have peacocks and peahens on my 3 Martini Ranch in Borrego Springs California.
It is a coyote infested low desert environment.
I built a 500 sq ft. Aviary with many levels for the peacocks and peahens to roost.
I used *house stucco* quality wire and put it 3 or more ft. Underground. A dog or coyote will not dig that deep.
One ft. Is by no means deep enough for safety.
A coyote will easily gnaw thru chicken wire and will dig 2 ft. Before giving up.
I soon plan to keep all females and babies inside the aviary with approximately 2 males.
The other males will be released to roam the property now that they are accustomed to where their feed comes from.
The trees around my 15 acre estate are approximately 6 stories up and very dense so I do believe the male peacocks will adjust and enjoy as well as serve a purpose of keeping unwanted critters off the estate.
I have mixed the blue peacocks with white and they are producing very enjoyable color schemed babies.
I hope this helps.
David Worthy

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