Is it normal for cats to pant hours after giving birth?


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Christine NZ answered
If she is no longer in labour and there are no more kittens to be born (cats will often have part of the litter, stop for several hours and then continue with the rest of the litter),  then panting could be a sign of infection. Mother and kittens should be checked over by a vet within 24 hours of birth so the vet can make sure the kittens are all ok and that the labour is complete and nothing left behind.  If mother has had water and food after giving birth and is still panting, then I'd recommend at least a phone call to your local vet.

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Of course. They have been through a painful ordeal & she still has healing to do. Dogs & cats will pant a lot of times when in pain even if its not hot.
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Panting is pretty normal usually but you need to make sure they are okay. They are checked out 24 hours after so your vet will let you know if everything seems okay and you can ask them about it and any other things that come up during your visit. Good luck.

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