My Dog Has Been Biting His Leg & The Hair Has Come Off, Not Sure If It's Cause He Likes Too Lay Out In The Sun A Lot! I Think It May Be Dry Skin Maybe. Thanks,can You Help, Niecole?


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Your dog is going to create what is called an 'hotspot', a spot of constant chewing. You first need to make sure mange (sp) is not an issue. 'Hotspots' can be treated w/ bathing and spray.
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It could be a potshot or a flea or tick infestation, especially if the dog lays on the ground outside. Take a dog comb and run it through it's fur a foot or so away from affected area to see if you flush up any fleas.
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Niecole De La Garza
He doesn't have fleas or ticks, he's an indoor dog. I take him baths on a regular basis. He like to lay in the sun on the balcony. Thanks though~

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