Can You Tell Me The Exact Symptoms Of A Cat Stroke?


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Check our this site with lots of accounts of cat's who've had strokes.  Mine had one last week.  He developed a sudden weakness in the rear left leg of his body.  He is not able to use it properly and the vet determined there was no break or damage and that it was probably a stroke.  We are having to adjust as he can't jump up to where he normally eats etc.  When it first happened, he started walking by leaning on a wall, cabinets, etc. To support himself.  It doesn't seem to have affected him mentally and he appears to be learning to compensate.  I hope this is more helpful than the other charming person who answered you.  The vet didn't offer any treatment for this.
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I know that I am not answering your question and I'm sorry, but if you even suspect that your cat could possibly be having a stroke, don't wait around for us to give you a list of symptoms!


Every second that you delay increases the chances of your cat dying or permanently damaging its brain and body.

A vet can diagnose, treat, or put to sleep, your cat.

If you can not afford a pet's vet bill, then, in my opinion, you can not afford a pet!
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This is a very unfair comment - vets are very expensive - the everyday care for a pet such as food, litter and what not can be handled!! A vet visit is more than a human to go to a doctor!!! Especially an unexpected needed visit! Leave the negativity at the door!

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