Is It Possible For A Rabbit To Have A Stroke? What Are The Symptoms?


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My rabbit had a stroke today, although technically rabbits do not have strokes they are called this. Rabbit's have a vascular incident which is more traumatic than a stroke and is very similair to an ischemic stroke.
The symptoms are;
head tilting, seizure (rolling on the floor, kicking, eyes rolling etc..), grinding of the teeth, a limp on one side (my rabbit basically has forgotten it has it's front left paw now as it has paralysed it), lethargia, disorientation, balance problems, lieing down, not biting/scratching when threatened.
If this happens DO NOT try and cure it with TLC, the rabbit needs a vet, a vascular incident can cause a rabbit to forget how to eat, lose function of the bowels (which incidentally leads to gastric stasis v. Deadly), forget how to wash (leads to a build up of excrement near the tail), be unable to walk, drink. The first priority is to make sure you take your rabbit to a vet where a rabbit specialist will give it two injections, one should be steriods which prevent a second seizure/ or stop it as it is happening (this happened today and a second seizure is normally fatal) and the second injection can save your rabbit and it COULD recover completely as these injections help restore the normal bloodflow and nerve cells to replenish quicker. Please give your rabbit the medical care it needs, TLC will not work when it's brain is not receiving the correct amount of blood.
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Yes, although it is very sad indeed to see a cute bunny sitting listlessly, or with his head tilted to one side, a stroke can happen in a rabbit. You can suspect that your rabbit has suffered a stroke if you notice the following symptoms in him: one side of his face or of his body may be paralysed, and he may be unable to move and carry on his daily activities of hopping around normally. Instead, you may find him going around in circles, he may drool, and maybe his eye or eyes may not function too well. However, there is no need to lose hope. If you are committed to caring for your pet, then it is indeed possible to nurse him through this ordeal, and help him through his difficulties with eating, moving around and drinking. He may remain with a slight tilt to his head, but this may mean that he ends up looking more endearing and cuter than he used to before!
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They will probably become a little shaky and wobbly and may not eat or drink properly.  While they can be nursed back to health, it will take a vet to do it so make sure you get your rabbit to a vet quickly as soon as you notice they seem to have suffered from a stroke.
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Our house rabbit had a stroke. Symptoms are everything mentioned above. Our rabbit has more or less recovered just a very slight head tilt and a slightly wonky right ear. Running around eating and drinking as usual after 4 months.

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My Rabbit has seizure  every day. It goes around in circles, rolling on the floor, kicking. Help me save this cute animal, please

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