Why Is My Iguana Acting Weird It Wont Let Me Hold And Since Last Night It Has Been Running All Over Its Aquarium And Never Seen It Like Tat?


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Is your iguana male or female? Is there a new pet in the house because
iggy's are territorial and don't like dogs at all and will turn white and freak
out on you. If there is a new iguana in the house your iguana will become
territorial over that one as well.

To relax your iguana, carefully take him out of the aquarium and put him
into a warm bath in the tub that has been made ready before hand. Have
the bathroom door closed so he can't escape as well as towels to protect
yourself as you dry him off.

We had a pet iguana until she was 13 at which time she died of old age.
She was a cantankerous girl at first, but the more we handled her, the
more calm she became. We hand fed her carefully and took her out to
the stores and to schools for show and tell. (I work in the schools)
We also took her for rides in the car which she loved!  We miss Iggy
very much. She was the best pet we ever had.

Iggy had free roam of our home and slept with whomever she wanted,
was potty trained and was gentle during any "show and tell" experience
while out in public and people's curiosity forced them to ask questions
to learn about our precious little girl.

I hope you can find out what is distressing your iggy and help him to

calm down and find ways to teach him to trust you.

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It might be it's breeding season. My iggy went through the same thing. It usually lasts for a month or two

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