My Cat Suddenly Cannot Walk On Hind Legs, And His Eyes Are Narrow Slits. It's A Holiday And There Are No Vets Open Till Tomorrow. What Should I Do?


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First, I must ask the dumb question. How much catnip has he had? Honestly, catnip can create effects similar to marijuana, so if the cat has had any, it should wear off after while.
Could be a pinched nerve, though that is rare in cats.

That would be the simple things, though.
Not to sound to scary, but this sounds really serious. Do not let the cat move around much. If you have a carrier, please put the cat into it, and bring its water to it. Has your cat been caught in a door, or fallen from a high place? Or is old?
Older cats have weaker bones, like humans, and sorry to say, this sounds like a spinal injury. If the cat cannot move its hinds legs... Well that sounds like paralysis. Keep it still until you can see a vet.
If it isn't moving because it is sore, that can still be a spinal injury. It would be very hard for a cat to injure both hind legs at the same time without hurting the front legs. When they land from a jump, they land on all fours. Their back absorbs shock, unless it is brittle.Slitted eyes are a sign that the cat is in pain. Is that cat purring? Believe it or not, this is also a sign that something is wrong. Cats use purring as a whimper, ans well as to indicate pleasure.

Try to keep kitty comfortable until the vet opens tomorrow. Maybe a vet in your area does emergencies, and can see him sooner, if he seems to be getting worse. Hope your kitty gets better.

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You should at least afford a long distance call to a vet to find out if there is something that you can do for this one. It sounds really grave for this kitty. Did someone hurt this kitty on accident, or is there a chance that it ate something like antifreeze or something like that? I hope not. Please call and find out what you can do. Hope this helps, good luck to you and the kitty.

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