Can You Get Round Worm From A Puppy Who Has Been Licking The Inside Of Your Mouth? What Are Some Of The Symptoms In A One Year Old Who Has It?


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Intestinal parasites can be transmitted to children or people from licking.  The transmission of many intestinal parasites in dogs is through a fecal-oral route.  Meaning they ingest feces or if they already have parasites can reinfect themselves from licking their anuses.  If this dog has parasites and it licked its anus then licked the child parasite transfer is possible.  Just like when we eat 100% of the food does not reach our stomach--that is why we have to brush our teeth.  It is the same with dogs--fecal eggs that were eaten can remain in the oral cavity.
This route of transfer is probably not the most common way parasites are transmitted from animals to people but is possible.  More commonly kids play in contaminated soil or even come into direct contact with feces.
If you have ANY concerns about your child's health you need to have him seen by a doctor.  If you think your dog has intestinal parasites or even for peace of mind have this dog examined by a veterinarian, have a fecal parasite/giardia screen run, and have this dog dewormed regularly.  Your veterinarian will help you form an appropriate intestinal parasite prevention program.
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The tongue of the puppy is not contaminated with roundworms and hookworms. Thees are parasites in the intestine of the dogs and cats. Eggs of these worms are released through their feces and are mixed with soil. Ingestion of the these eggs bu human can cause infection. The person who is dealing with cleaning of dog house is more prone to have this infection. Children who play with infected puppies, can get eggs of these parasites on the hands and inside of nails and then ingest. The anus of the puppies usually contain eggs and can be transferred when to kids playing with these puppies. But these eggs can not be transferred by licking by the puppies.

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