What Is A Black Bug With White Spots?


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Where you have spotted this black bug with white spots may have a bearing on the definitive answer.

If you have seen it in the Far East, particular China, Japan and Korea, then it is probably the Asian Longhorned beetle, known as the Starry Sky or Sky Beetle, although the species has been accidentally introduced to the United States and is regarded as a pest.

More prevalent in the home is the varied carpet beetle, which is about three millimeter long beetle and as it feeds on natural fibres it can be a serious household pest that damages carpets, furniture and clothing.

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You said the bug is white with black spots and smaller than lady bug. If that bug has 6 legs with long antenna then you are talking about Plectrodera scalator.

I hope this is what you are looking for

Plectrodera scalator.
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Black with white spots and looks like a fly
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I had a bug in my house and it was pretty big and it was black with white spots does anyone know what that I you do tell me and sign your name as Lions_forever

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