Are There Any Side-Effects To Giving A Cat An Enema?


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What are the side effects of giving cats enemas?

Diarrhea is the most common complication of treating constipation. Also, tearing the colon or rectum is possible if an enema is given incorrectly or with too much force.

Alteration of the cat's body chemistry can be seen depending on the type and quantity of the enema given.

Colonic and rectal irritation is possible. Enemas should not be given at home; they should always be administered by a veterinarian.

  • Enemas that are safe for cats include: Water, diluted salt water, water mixed with docusate sodium (DSS), and mineral oil. Mineral oil is the most-commonly used enema, this is what a vet will give your cat.
  • Any enemas that contain phosphate will be unsafe to give to your cat, and could be fatal - so, if you are going to administer an enema at home, take extra care to make sure the substance doesn't contain phosphate.
  • It is always best to let a trained vet handle this sort of operation. They know what they are doing and, best of all, your cat won't hate you if the vet does it!

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