Can A Spider Bite Cause A Body Rash?


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Yes it can. It is less common for a person to be bit by a spider than other kinds of creatures like flies and insects. Biting spiders are often found in countries not in the west, though on occasion biting spiders will exist and attack humans. The black widow spider is one of the most infamous spiders for biting and injecting venom into an individual. The spider will of course leave a rash but it will also leave two red fang marks when it actually bites.

The brown recluse spider is well known, too. When the brown recluse spider bites its victim, the skin will turn a red color and it will begin to develop a white mark in the middle of the circular rash. Many people describe the brown recluse spider bite as looking like a bull's eye pattern. The rash will eventually blister, too, making it quite uncomfortable for an individual to suffer through. It becomes incredibly painful and uncomfortable, prompting the natural human response to scratch it.

Other insects do the same as spiders, in that they will leave red and raised lesions. Fleas, insects and more creatures do it so it's not surprising that spiders are more than capable of causing rashes, and injecting dangerous venom into individuals. If you ever do get bitten by a spider then you should immediately see your doctor. Leaving a spider bite can cause you huge issues for your health and can often endanger your life. Your doctor or local hospital will have the drugs and medication required to treat you when you have been bitten by a spider, so ensure that you visit them as soon as is possible for you. You should really go immediately so that the doctors can get to work right away.
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wife was bitten by a black widow and broke out in a full body rash. The bite site continued to swell. Had to rush to emergency room that night cause benedryl wasn't working. She was on antibiotics and steroids for a week. So the answer is yes. Lost mobility in her right arm for 8 days.( the elbow where she was bitten)
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Mostly spiders cause no or little problems when they bite humans. Their venom can be neurotoxic or cytotoxic. Generally, spider bite can cause pain, swelling, redness, itching, and puncture of skin at bite site. Some spiders are more toxic and can cause anaphylactoid reactions leading to death. Spider venom with neurotoxic properties can cause allergic reactions like rash all over the body. In such  situations you should visit a doctor for proper treatment.
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Just awoke from a scary ER visit...  Want to post my experience for others going through the same thing.

I was home  for lunch and I took a minute to roughhouse with my dogs. On the way back to work I noticed that I was starting to feel very confused and disorientated. My head was beginning to hurt and feel very heavy, with a throbbing sensation in my scalp. I looked in the mirror and was horrified....  

My face was swelling and had developed a terrible rash with hives. 

Within minutes this had spread to my entire body. I immediately turned around and went home. I took 75mg (3 pills) of benedryl, slammed about a half gallon of water, and took a cold shower. None of this helped immediately and my condition worsened. When I noticed that I was becoming very anxious, nauseous, and confused I called my wife to tell her what I was going through. She left work to rush home to take me to the ER.... 

My condition had escalated to the point that I could no longer drive myself, just to hazardous too others on the road. Waiting for her to get home it became terrifying as I was beginning to have a hard time breathing and I could feel over my entire body that my heart was racing to the point I thought it was going to explode. My whole body rash worsened to a horrific sight and painful itching. I vomited and my ability to breath worsened. We arrived at the ER about 45minutes after the first symptom. 

My symptoms were now:  Chest pains, a pain in my throat  that I would have to relate to terrible heart burn, feeling very anxious and confused, horrific rash with hives across my entire body, very fast heart rate, and nausea.

The ER immediately rushed me back by passing the waiting cases and injected me with a painful shot of steroids (I had already taken benegryl) ..... My symptoms were gone within 30 minutes. Very scary and very glad I went to the ER. Because I was not exposed to anything out of the ordinary the doctor speculated that I was more than likely bit by a black widow and I must admit that they are very prone to hanging out in the area.

I wasted time playing with my dogs. DON'T WAIT!! GO TO THE ER NOW!! 

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