Why does my dog smell of fish?


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Joanna Newton answered
My dog had a strange smell and I took her to the vet. I was told that she had a skin infection, even though there were no signs on her actual skin. Something to do with yeast ....anyway she was prescribed antibiotics and special shampoo and after two weeks she is all clear. Take your dog to the vet.
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Minnie Mouse answered
It could be the your dog has an infection. That's normally the case, I would contact your vet ASAP. It could also be the effect of something your dog ate. Sometimes if your dog eats something not made for dogs they'll produce that fishy smell. If it's not occasional, that could be something that involves animal care right now. Hope the info helped. Thank you for reading.
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Perhaps it's a dogfish?
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GOrga Lemming answered
Your dog probaby smells like fish because of two reasons.

1. He/She probably ate a fish
2. Your shampoo that you use to wash him smells like fish.
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Most dogs do that when they get to hott & start sweating.. Their like boys! Lol { joke }

My dogs do that ALOT too. Lol Just give him a real good bath. (:

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