Why Do My Gold Fish Blow Up Like A Balloon And Then Die?


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This happens to goldfish quite often. The reason could be attributed to a disease called "Dropsy". When goldfish is suffering from dropsy, it can not excrete the undesired liquids out of its body, which start accumulating in its body. Dropsy can be fatal.It has a few types.
1: Acute Dropsy
Cause = Bacteria
2: Chronic Dropsy
Cause= Parasites or tumors.
You should keep the fish suffering from Dropsy separate, because it can be contagious. Salt baths for the sick fish might help in drawing the extra fluid out of its body.
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verry good all i can say is thank a lot, i took your advise and ever thing now is a-ok keep up the good work
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Are there any other type of fish in addition to the Gold Fish in the same tank? Gold Fish have a acidity in their urine that will kill other fish...but is their water affected by other type of fish?

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