My Black Lab Is Shaking His Head.... Are They Fleas Or Ear Mites?


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My lab did the same thing I took it to the vet, it was ear mites the vet gave me a wash and drops to use twice a day, it was a bit tricky trying to put the drops in and when I got them in I had to hold the dogs head as he would shake his head and the liquid would pour out, hes fine now mite free and happy.
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I have a black lab and he has chronic  ear problems from the time he was a pup .do the smell realy bad? My vet gave me 2 kind of ointment one is animax the other is dermalone I clean them realy good then squeeze in the meds I treat his ears once every 2 wks I have been doing this for 11 yrs if not we both are going crazy it could also be food allegy good luck
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Most likely an infection or mites as fleas don't usually cause this problem. Take him to the vet.
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My black lab had sugary for a hemi toma not spelled right about 2 months ago her ear is not swollen like it was but she still shakes her head what can I do for her without the expense of having another sugary
Possibly earmites or ear infection.  Do his [inside] ears smell foul?  If so, then I would presume it is clearly not fleas...‚ô•Nassy

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