What Should I Charge For A Stud Fee On My Mini Dachshund?


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The stud fee for any animal depends primarily on what its owner wants to charge. Something is only worth what a person is willing to pay for it. In this case how "pure" is the dog. How finely does it meet the specicfications for its breed? How much are you willing to pay? Many of these factors all contribute to what the stud fee might be.
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It's really up to you guys. It is usually pick of the litter or something like the price of a puppy (a little less usually as it is very expensive for the bitch owner to do even basic requirements if they are a good breeder) which would depend on a lot of things like titles, health certs, breeding practices ect. It isn't being something that makes the pups worth anything but what goes into the breeding that produces the pups (breeder and breeding practices, knowledge, support,    health, conformation, how the genes mix, what comes later ect.). Breeding well is complicated and we know nothing about the dogs or the bitch owners experience and practices. :-) You wouldn't want to breed lethal pups or anything (color gene related). Your breed parent club is second link and some other links about studding and contracts for you in the first. Good luck.
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