What Is The Best Food To Feed My German Shepherd On?


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You should feed her a diet which is full of nutrients. Such diets are available in the market on pet stores. Puppy diet or lactation diet can also be helpful during pregnancy. During pregnancy, dogs need more food because they need energy only for themselves but also for growing puppies. Their food requirements are increased up to 25% during pregnancy. You should not only number of servings per day for her but also increase the quantities of food per serving.
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The foods you should never feed your dog are foods sold in Grocery Stores, Stores like Walmart, and some Pet Stores. Those foods are Purina, Pedigree, Iams, Science Diet, Mighty Dog, Alpo, Dog Chow,Puppy Chow, Kibbles and Bits, Beneful and Caesar just to give you a few examples. All those foods are Garbage and extremely unhealthy for your dog! If you knew what ingredients they put in all the food I listed above, you would not want to feed that to your dog either. Here is a link, that will explain what ingredients they use in these foods. It' disgusting! Scroll down to where it says Ingredients and you will see what I you DO want to feed your dog, to keep him or her healthy is High Quality Food. Here is a whole list of great, healthy foods to feed your dog. They may be a little more expensive, but the dog won't eat as much food to fill up, so in the long run this food will last you longer.InnovaEvoWellnessMerrickCalifornia NaturalTaste Of The WildHaloEagle Pack HolisticFrommNatural BalanceChicken Soup For The Dog Lovers SoulI feed my Chihuahuas Innova and they love the food and do great on it!
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Innova Evo is the food I use for my 4 dogs one of which is a Chihuahua. I have used and like Merrick and Solid Gold Just a Wee Bit Adult as well.
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Avoid dog foods that list corn as the first ingredient and chicken by-product meal as the second or third.

    * Corn as a main protein source is a poor choice.  Use a brand of food that has a meat(not meat meal) as  as the first ingredient.  

    * Chicken by-products meal is the dry ground, parts of the chicken carcass(after all good  meat has been removed),such as necks, feet, undeveloped eggs, and intestines and sometimes heads and feet. It is of poor quality and hard to digest.

Several brands have meat as a main ingredient -check the labels. One should purchase a premium dog food with the best ingredients they can find and afford. By avoiding corn, preservatives, by products  you will be on the right track.  I can not give specific brand names - but there are many to choose from.  Generally speaking you will not find a premium dog food sold in the grocery stores. While more expensive the caloric and higher nutritional  value they have usually means you are feeding less product.  Read labels for recommendations on the amount to feed your dog.

A great source of information about dog foods is The Dog Food Project
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Pay attention to a label. Avoid dog food that has unclear list of ingredients like "Meat & Meat derivatives, Fish, Vitamins, Minerals" etc... They need to say clearly what type of meat is used for food production, what type of fish and so on. Look for a good quality dog food that has clear and precise labels.

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