Can Creatine Kill My Dog?


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1, taking creatine must be reasonable grasp the dose and time. An excessive amount of creatine is neither economy, but also increase the body's water weight, muscle cramps and metabolic burden. Normally taken between meals, 30-60 minutes before training or competition, as well as after exercise. This can give full play to the best effect of creatine: Can be quickly taken before exercise to replenish their energy after exercise in order to take full advantage of muscle cells to absorb creatine strong ability to quickly fill.
Second, taking creatine and strength or speed to match the content of such training, taking creatine during careful not to over-training, to prevent muscle and ligament strain. At the same time should be compatible with protein and other nutritional supplements for muscle growth and to provide adequate raw materials, or else there will not be the ideal weight gain.
3, taking creatine during the day, enough water should be added to ensure that the conduct of cell hydration to prevent the use of creatine after tight muscles, stiffness or spasm side effects. But you can not use hot water, brewed into tea, creatine, creatine monohydrate in order to prevent the structural changes. At the same time can not, and orange juice or caffeinated beverages along with using it, because the former contain acidic substances cause degeneration of the waste of creatine monohydrate and caffeine are dehydrating effect on the body, which would affect the muscle cell hydration .
4, creatine should be, and grape juice or other sugary beverages (except fructose) together using it, because the sugar concentration of insulin caused by the increase of muscle cells to accelerate the absorption of Creatine. Studies have shown that taking creatine and sugar together will enable the muscle creatine phosphate reserves by 60%.
5, high-purity creatine monohydrate is an ideal supplement compounds, and many research suggests that oral administration of creatine phosphate and creatine citrate on the muscle creatine phosphate fill void.
6, creatine powder capsules and tablets than in the human body absorb more easily.
7, due to the taking creatine can cause weight gain, for weight or drop weight required to control the athletes should be used with caution.
For the dogs, too.

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