What do dolphins look like?


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They are beautiful, well that is what I think.  A pod of them swim around the shores where I live.  I support the WDC in the protection of the dolphins and to donate specifically to this Pod of dolphins down in Channory Point.  POD Protector I am. I am a member of this charity organisation because Dolphins are one of my favourite animals.  Also they are beautiful natural empaths and are intelligent.  

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Although there are lots of different breeds of
dolphin, they all look quite similar and have the same distinct
features. Here are some pictures that best show the different types
of dolphin and what they look like.

Bottlenose Dolphin

Striped Dolphin

Pacific Dolphin

River Dolphin

Dolphins come in different colors

Dolphins are usually a blue/grey colour. Often in
real life they are more grey than blue, despite the fact that many
people will draw and describe a dolphin as bright blue. Occasionally
you can get dolphins with black markings on them, usually they are small markings, but sometimes they will cover large parts of the
dolphin. Some dolphins are even pink!

Features of dolphins

All dolphins have a large fin that sticks up from
their back, this helps them to swim and balance. They also have two
fins either side of their body which they use to navigate and move around, and a
large tail that they beat in the water, for propulsion, direction and speed.

They have a smooth, long body which helps them to
swim fast in the water. Their nose is also long to keep in with the
streamlined body, it can help them catch fish for them to eat.

A dolphin can reach up to about 8ft long, and
unlike most mammals, are completely hairless. 

I personally love Dolphins and think they are one of the most beautiful creatures in the sea.

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