Has Anyone Seen Small Course Hairs Growing From Their Dogs Tongue?


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I have had dogs my whole life all types of breeds. I have to confess I have never seen what you are describing but believe it or not I have heard of it once. All I remember is that the dog was a large mixed breed. Next time you make a trip to the Vet let them take a look. I'm sure its nothing to worry about
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YES!! I was searching the web for anyone one else who's dog hairs coarse hairs on their tongue like my 10 month old cocker cross lab does. You can only see them when he yawns as they are quite far back...weird that there is not much info about this on the web. I will go to my vet and see if this is normal and if it will cause any probs.
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Yes my boykin spaniel has the same condition he is 7 months. Weird how there are three spaniels talked abt here.
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Yes, my cocker does too! About half way back on his tongue there are a few hairlike projections with dark pigmentation.
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I have a 9 months English Cocker Spaniel who also has this condition! And yes, it is bizarre that we cannot find any info about it on the web :S

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