Do Spider Bites Leave A Cluster Of Tiny Blisters?


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I do not know for sure, I have the same thing and trying to figure out what kind of bug bit me! I have 2 areas of clusters of timy blisters. One cluster is right under my armpit and another a few inches down. This happened about 4 or 5 days ago I think. All I know is they burn horribly and the blisters look like they are scabbing from underneith. Could this be a spider? My house was just treated and they found carpenter ants so I don't know if they bite, I have also seen that chiggers and fleas bite like this. Sorry I don't have a great answer for you! Hopefully someone will have an idea...
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I'm not sure but when my best friend got a spider bite on her eye it became very big,red,and puffy!!...hope that helped!

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