What Is Treatment If You Know Your Dog Has Heartworms?


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 dear the treatment of Canine parvovirus (CPV)is as follow firstly
its success rate depends on how early it diagnose and usually I.V
fluids and colloids , anti nausea injections ,such as metoclopramide,
dolasetron, ondansetron and antibiotic injections such as cefoxitin,
metronidazole, timentin, or enrofloxacin with B- complex and liver
enhancing tonics such as sorboline , liv.52 etc. Are given and if the
disease is at last stage blood plasma transfusion from a donor dog which has survived cpv.
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Putting her on sleep would be better for her but still your dog need proper medication and treatment. For complete details kindly visit: www.thepetcenter.com. Hope this link will guide you completely about dog's heart worms.
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Unless your dog has severe Class 4 heartworm disease there is not a reason to euthanize your dog.  The treatment for the adult heartworms is called Immiticide (drug name melarsomine)--this is an arsencial compound.  It needs to be given initially then 2 doses are given one month later and 24 hours apart.  Microfilaricide (Heartguard, Interceptor) needs to given as well to kill juvenile worms. 
Before treating heartworm disease your dog needs to be staged with bloodwork, radiographs, ECG, and possibly an echocardiogram. 
During treatment your dog needs to be strictly rested. 
There is a slower kill method that can take 1-2 years and is not the correct choice for treatment in most dogs.
Talk to your veterinarian or get a second opinion to discuss all your options.
Here is a link to a good resource for information on heartworm disease.

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