Is Head Shaking A Symptom Of Parvo?


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The head shaking could be due to neurological activity secondary to hypoglycemia.  Early in the course of the disease Parvo tests can be negative.  There are also several other viral diseases that cause bloody diarrhea and vomiting (usually less severe than parvo). 
Regardless of the cause your dog needs aggressive supportive care--intravenous fluid therapy, intravenous antibiotics and anti-emetics (anti-vomiting) immediately.
Your veterinarian will want to repeat the parvo test as well to completely rule out parvo.
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Well last night my dog began to have what it looks like to be seizers. Etc. Like bubble gum bubbles.Well we took him to the emergency and he we very weak and nethagetic. Well afterwards when we came home he began to be very playful. He was never like that before i took him to the vet.
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Either way it sounds like your dog is sick and needs help right away.  Sounds like it may be a seizure.  I would go to another vet and get a second opinion right away, before it is too late.  Good luck to you and your dog.

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