What Are The Symptoms Of Parvo And Distemper?


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Parvovirus presents like a severe tummy upset. Initially the dog is weak and lethargic. 4 to 14 days later the animal progresses to vomiting and lack of appetite. A high fever and severe diarrhea follow. The diarrhea tends to be gray in color and often has noticeable blood and tissue in it. The animal becomes very weak and dehydrated. Young dogs especially are at risk of developing heart disease from Parvo, which can lead to sudden death.

Distemper initially presents more like a bad cold. About 4 days after exposure the dog develops a runny nose, watery eyes and a sore throat. Soon the dog has a high fever. Within a day or so the runny eyes seem to be oozing pus, and the dog's tonsils swell so much it can no longer eat comfortably. Diarrhea and pneumonia ensue. After about 4 weeks of infection the virus moves onto the brain where it causes repeated fits and usually an agonising death. Some animals manage to survive this stage, but they usually have permanent neurological damage.

There is NO effective treatment for either virus, which is why vaccination is so important.

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