My rabbit keeps coughing and has a white foam coming from the nose. What could this be and what can I do?


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He likely has an upper respiratory infection. When a rabbit has white discharging from his nose it's his version of our green phlegm. His is white instead of clear in a healthy bunny.
Do you think you could take the bunny's temperature? Google it. If he has a high fever with it then take him in. Otherwise monitor CLOSELY and make sure bunny is eating, playing and drnking. They can get dehydrated FAST especially if they have diarhea. Is he drinking on his own? You can offer him extra water, apple juice or pineapple and try to get as much fluid into him as possible. It's good for him too! Is he eating normally? Bunny's should nibble at least every few hours to maintain stable blood sugar levels. Bunny may need to be force fed and if so, they have this herbivore supplement called critical care at the vets office and mine loved it. He lapped it up out of the dish. If he needs to be fed this way then I would suggest a vet vist for sure because if bunny isn't eating, their livers can start to shut down in as little as 24 hours. Watch him closely... He has the flu... Take him to the Dr if he's lethargic and not himself. If it doesn't seem to be bothering him, then I would wait to see if it passes on its own. I can appreciate that not everyone has the money to run to the vet unless absolutely necessary...

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