What Kind Of Cats Are There?


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There are many many breeds of cats, long hair, short hair, cross breeds, and hybrids. You can even find a couple of them called a lyger or a tigon. You can go to google/images to see them, they are really cool. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Cats are felines, which makes them part of the same family as lions, tigers, panthers, leopards and other big cats. The list of domestic cat breed is very large, most registries recognize between 30-40 breeds and there are a few more added each year.

There are several classifications, specifically by hair with their being long haired, semi long haired and short haired breeds. Breeds are also classified by the areas they come from, as they show characteristics that make them easier to raise in specific environments.

Cats are also differentiated by the amount of vocalization they will make, with Siamese being said to be very loud cats to keep.

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