Do You Need A Special License To Own A Monkey As A Pet?


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Cindy Thompson answered
In Illinois you have to have a license. Ask your veterinarian or your local aspca. Peace
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mike carlsen answered
Most local ordinances outlaw "exotic animals". They don't specifically name monkeys but since the laws are vague it can easily be interpreted however they want. Your best bet is to go to your local police department, county sheriff and highway patrol to see if there are any specific ordinances applicable to you. I really don't recommend it though, especially in light of the recent incident with the chimpanzee. They may be cute, but they're still wild animals and unless you're a professional trainer you need to just reserve your love of monkeys and apes to the zoo.
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No I don't think so but contact your local aspca and they can tell you
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Laura Wilde answered
It's also good to find out whether your county, or city , allows those types of animals as pets.  You wouldn't want to get it and not be able to keep it.
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michelle cherry answered
Do you REALLY have that much time, money, patience? They need so much time to make sure that they are stable. They are animals that usually revert back into their wild nature.
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Yes, just like you need a license to own a bear or Mountain lion, Monkeys may be small but they are also wild.
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Lynne Dwyer answered
In many states you do. Mine even has class categories. My racoon is a class one license.
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I am not certain of this answer, but I believe that owning a monkey is illegal in the United States.  You can find out more about this topic by contacting your local zoo or pet store.
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Yes you do. It is illegal in the U.S. But I think you can own one with a license in the U.K.
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Yes you do its called a yekamon licence.
Call and local pet store and ask for one and you can register

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