What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Mosquito Repellent?


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Arthur Wright answered
The smell and wet feeling it leaves when used
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Kristi W answered
It can make your skin dry or sticky and sometimes even smelly and if you are sensitive to strong smells, the good repellents always seem to
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Kedy Sem , Not much but effective., answered

A smell and lazy on wakeup feeling comes while using it for the night. Prefer using UV mosquito killer lamp which is best mosquito repellent I have ever used.

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Mary Patterson answered

It is not a problem today, if you choose the correct and not harmful repellent. So all you need to do is just to go to the reliable shop and buy it.

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There are a lot of them, from allergy till to headaches and so on. But I tested several ones and there were no problems after this. I found and want to order it to try as a new one. Has anybody used it?

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Anywhere you go in the world, you have mosquitoes so in such situations a mosquito repellent is certainly a must have. There are several options that are available
to you in the form of different kinds of mosquito repellents that you
could go ahead and choose from. There is no major draw back of using mosquito repellent. 

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