My Dog Ate Raid Ant Bait III What Do I Do?


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The best possible course of action would be for you to take your dog to the veterinary surgery so they can get checked out properly by a professionally. However, if you want to risk it or you're not able to afford or get to a vet, the common consequences are not too serious.

Most high quality pesticides are formulated with accidents like this in mind, and as you have used ant killer, your dog should be ok. Without knowing what breed of dog you have or what size it is, it is harder to predict but the larger the dog, the better its chances are of not being affected. The baits usually contain inert ingredients such as peanut butter, breadcrumbs, sugar and vegetable or animal, which could be attractive to pets; however, the avermectin is not toxic to dogs and is not going to cause it too many problems.

Usually, if there are any kinds of problems at all, it is from eating the inert ingredients (like the peanut butter) which can lead to mild diarrhoea or gastroenteritis. The dog may vomit and it may be of a slimy texture, but that would be normal after such an incident.

The container, if swallowed, could cause a foreign body obstruction if it got wedged into the intestines, but this does not sound like an issue with your dog as you haven't stated that it is choking.

So, if you aren't going to go to a vet I would hold off on food for a night, but offer water or other clear fluids (you can dilute 50:50 with water any of these: Apple juice, Gatorade or chicken/beef broth). Tomorrow keep an eye out for a soft stool or some sickness or diarrhoea, but hopefully they will be the only problems you encounter.

Hope your dog is well again very soon.
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You should call the vet, emergency clinic or poison control immediately. Grab the package if you can so you can read off the ingredient listings to them. After they have all the details about the ingredients, your pup and how much they may have ingested they will be able to give you further instruction if needed so you can try and limit any poisoning damage before it becomes as bad as it might. Do not give your pup anything or try to 'treat' on your own without speaking to a professional.
Waiting for symptoms of poisoning when you are aware they got into something is one of the worst things you can do since you may have a chance to help before it has all absorbed into the system. The sooner you act, the better for your pup and often the vet bills. Hope your baby is okay.
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If at possible get him to vomit and if not get him lots of water to dilute the poison down and notify your vet about this and see what he advises to do
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I just spoke with vet poison control at 888-426-4435. They said the 0.01% can NOT cause serious problems (dog is 65 pounds and not on any meds). They said worst is vomit and diarhea.

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