What Is A Polar Bear?


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Polar bears are found around Arctic Ocean. They are huge but slender in size. They are basically marine bear. The colouration is yellowish white. Actually, their fur is transparent, so the sunlight makes their fur looks white. Strangely their skin is completely black, for which all the sunlight gets into their skin been absorbed which keeps them warm. Polar bear can swim by using their furry front legs. Their feeding primary depends on ringed seal; they search for ringed seal for even several hours moving through ice or chilled icy water. During the summer time, they may keep themselves either in fasting or they may have berries.

Polar bear usually likes to maintain solitude. They make pair at the time mating during March to June. A maximum of three cubs at a time are born into the snow den created by the mother. The cubs feed on the milk of the sow consisting of more than 30% fatty material and that makes it possible to have a rapid weight gain.

The lifespan of polar bear is around 20 years.
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Polar Bears are bears that live in the arctic and are white, but when they get into that algea stuff there coat turns a little green

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