Do Panda Bears Like Humans And Are They Friendly?


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I can't think of a single land animal you can walk up to and be friends with. Believe me, there are few animals I'm unfamiliar with.

TV shows and movies like Jurassic Park (and many others) would have you believe any animal that does not eat meat is harmless to humans ...or worse, FRIENDLY! ...NOT!!!
If you walk up to a wild animal and try to be friendly with it, herbivore or not, they are going to do one of two things, attack (defend) or escape. It you test your luck on this, I hope for your sake, it's the latter!

If you want to approach wild animals and be friendly with them, my advice is take up scuba diving. Still, before you do anything buffoonish, learn which sea creatures you can approach safely and which ones you can't. Also, what creatures live in what waters, what colors attract (certain colors attract jellies, sharks, etc.), what actions and so forth offend (for instance, some sharks get agitated by bubbles that scuba divers make) and so forth.
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Well if they are in the zoo think they would be friendly and if brought up around humans they would like them.

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