Does Spider Bites Make The Muscle Sore?


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It is highly unlikely that a domestic spider's bite would leave you with sore muscles the next day. A more likely solution to this mystery would be that you were bitten by a different animal twice.
A spider has two incisors and so leaves a mark of two holes on the skin. Though this seldom happens and if it does spiders bits are generally not fatal to humans or would be strong enough to cause muscle issues.
A larger spider would perhaps cause such issues, though this would not be a domestic spider and would be something wilder. If you fear this is the case go to the doctor immediately. Doctors will relieve pain through a number of different medicines including pain relievers, muscle relaxants, and/or corticosteroids.
Sometimes people's bites will be severe from these spiders and they will have to go to hospital.
Headache, dizziness, rash and itching, restlessness and anxiety, sweating, eyelid swelling, nausea or vomiting, salivation, tearing of the eyes, weakness, tremors, or paralysis, especially in the legs.
These problems are obviously a lot more severe than pains in muscles, however sometimes minor issues develop into larger ones and you should go to the doctors to ensure it will not turn into anything more serious.
Do not worry initially, like most medical issues it should be for you to try and give yourself peace of mind.
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Well yes spider bites do make the muscle sore. You should see the doctor immediately. It can be dangerous. You might have to take antibiotics. Some spiders are so venomous that a person might have to go through a surgery. Contact your doctor as soon as possible.
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Yes, spider bites can make the entire area very tender and painful.  Look for swelling, redness and a feeling of warmth in the area.  And if it spreads out.  A doctor will need to be seen for treatment (anitibitics)
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Hi Babydoll29,
I just got home from Florida...I returned with a nice little spider bite on my calf. The area swelled up and felt warm to the touch and my leg sorta got a crampy feeling. Its been about four days and now it itches but it does seem to be better. If yours seems more serious then yes I probably would have it looked at...but sometimes they will ask if you saw the spider or what it looked like !!! I also mow my lawn for exercise with the push mower and every summer I get bit by a spider.
Take care and good luck.Sorry so long.
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I believe that spider bites can in fact cause symptoms that resemble muscle soreness, but there a many different types of spiders.  Here's a article I had bookmarked on the symptoms and treatment of spider bites.   Alternatively, asking a health expert might be a good idea too.

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