What Sound Does A Spider Make?


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Spiders don't usually make any noise at all. They certainly don't 'vocalize' sound like human beings do, that's for sure!

Do spiders make noise?
Spiders don't have an epiglottis (vocal cord). Because of this, they aren't able to make sounds like other animals.

Some insects make noise by vibrating their wings (the buzzing of bees for example).

A cricket, on the other hand, makes its chirping sound by scraping its wing against its leg (not by rubbing its legs together as you may have thought).

Spiders don't tend to engage in any sort of noisy behavior at all though. In fact, their ability to entice prey into their web relies on them being motionless and silent.

Despite this, there are recorded cases of spiders making 'stamping' noises in an attempt to communicate with each other.

Whilst this is a fairly rare occurrence, the following video captures the magic moment when a spider begins making strange noises and movements to attract a mate's attention:

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Well, some hiss and some I have heard.

I asked a spider one day, his name was Greg by the way, and he said they hissed. In the next week or so I asked another spider, this one was named Betty and she told me they growl.

So yeah, there is your answer.

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