I Think My Dog Ate Lime Pellets From My Backyard And Now He 's Been Sick 2 Days Vomiting And Has Swollen Eyes And Ears. Is This The Lime Or Something Else?


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Elaine Vellianitis Profile
You need to take your dog to the vet! We cannot diagnose your dog over the Internet! We would only be guessing the problem and that won't help your dogs situation any! Judging by the symptoms you described, your dog should have seen a vet already! Why have you let this go for 2 days, when there is obviously a problem and your dog needs a vet? This could be a life threatening situation and if you wait any longer then your dog can die. Please do the right thing and get off the computer and take your dog to an Emergency Vet NOW. They are open 24/7! Vomiting also causes dehydration, which can also be life threatening for your dog,if your dog is not properly re-hydrated by a vet! If it's been two days, you have waited too long already!

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