My Dog Got Razor Burn From Groomer. What Can I Use? It Is Red And Pussing.


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Mild razor burn can be treated topically with an anti-bacterial cream and a topical steroid.  Hydrocortisone sprays or creams will reduce the redness and irritation, while the anti-bacterial cream will prevent an infection.
Aloe vera can also be rubbed over the area--this has a lot of soothing properties.
Most dogs when they get an irritation will lick, bite, and chew it making the injury worse.  You need to prevent your dog from licking which will not allow it to heal and will make it worse.  This introduces saliva filled with bacteria and can lead to further irritation and infection.  An Elizabethan Collar--available at your veterinarian's office or a pet store, will prevent your dog from gaining access to the area.
If it does not resolve in 1-2 days it should be examined by a veterinarian.  Assess if the area is infected already-if this is the case your dog needs to be seen by a veterinarian--topical medications will not be enough.
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I would go back to the groomer and ask about the injury and ask what you can use to sooth it. It should be looked at by a vet

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