Is A Bat A Rodent?


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Like you've heard from several others, a bat is NOT a rodent, and is from the chiroptera family.  It's one of the only few true flying mammals, and more and more species of bats are becoming extinct.  Bats may be a bit scary looking, but they are great for your backyard.  They eat mosquitoes and other pesky creatures.  In fact, it's been suggested that it's a good idea to build a bat house in your backyard.  There's several websites and books out there to tell you how.  Bats can carry rabies, but the risk of a bat carrying rabies, versus all the good they do, might be worth some wood and nails to put a bat house in your backyard! 
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Bats are not rodents.  They belong to the Order Chiroptera.  Rodents belong to the Order Rodentia.  Both bats are rodents are mammals falling under the Class Mammalia. 

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I have seen stemouk's shout of his mistake in first rating and so I hope this 5 stars help correct it. And I agree it is a very good answer.
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A bat is the only flying mammal in the world, unlike flying squirrels, possums and colugos, that only glide. There are about 1,100 different species of bats worldwide. Hope this helps.
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No a rodent is a mammal in  the order rodentia while a bat is a mamal in the order chiroptera.
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Nope it's a placental flying mammal, not related to the rodent...get it straight people
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A bat is not a rodent. It is the only flying mammal and there are many different types of bats!

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